Making Space
Management Smarter

SpaceIntel combines artificial intelligence with predictive analytics and virtual reality for a more efficient space and equipment management experience.
SpaceIntel Facility Space Management Software

3-D Technology Paired With Work Order Management Systems

By using 3-d scanning technology we take existing data and work order management systems and translate that data into an interactive visual format that is predictive, easy to use, and requires less resources for onsite management.

Realtime Virtual Facility Management from Anywhere

The SpaceIntel dashboard provides real-time information for decision making and communication from any device anywhere in the world. Using 3D walkthrough technology coupled with data loaded imagery, facility resources can be repaired and replaced from one place.
Realtime Virtual Facility Management from Anywhere
Realtime Virtual Facility Management from Anywhere

Benefits to Your Organization

Using virtual realtime analytics, SpaceIntel’s unique software will:
Increase efficiency in space management
Reduce the number of on-site resources
Automate your repair management process
Use predictive analytics to make informed decisions

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